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In the culture of Jainism, Saints and Gurus are spiritual guides and instructors and ones who spreads knowledge and practice meditations....


India is a secular country full of diversity in the religions, languages, cultures and castes; it is always crowded with the people involved in the fairs and festivals celebration...


There are many Jain pilgrimages, also called Jain ‘Tirtha’ spread across the Indian sub- continent. Most of these pilgrimages were built several years ago. Approximately, around...


PARAS TV, a 24x7 Hindi Devotional Channel in India, was launched on 24th June 2010.Since then the channel has maintained its devotional aspect for more then Ten successful years.


PARAS TV Channel based in New Delhi is widely watched among Jain devotees who love it’s devotional programmes and live telecast of Jainism’s ancient doctrines preached by renowned saints.

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