About Us

A 24*7 Jain Devotional channel in India, Paras Television was launched on June 24th, 2010. Since, then the channel has maintained its devotional aspect for more than nine successful years now.
The main aim of launching this channel was to showcase the devotional programs of Jainism’s ancient doctrines that were preached by renowned saints and gurus. The channel has relentlessly broadcasted many programs on different genres depicting and promoting Jain culture and traditions.  The channel is proud in spreading the positive message and the tradition of the ancient Jain religion among the new generation through modern media technology.
The different genres and programs that are being telecast are Devotional shows like ‘Darshan Stuti’, ‘Ahar Charya’ and many more. The channel also features some quality and information based soap operas like ‘Maina Sundari’, ‘Pathshala’ and ‘Teerath Karlo Punye Kamalo’ to list a few. These programs are shot in lucrative sets designed by experienced technical teams from Mumbai to give a better look and feel to the viewers. Thus, Paras TV channel is an exclusive religious channel of a national standard sticking to the core of the soil which is ‘a feast for the eyes and pleasure for the soul’.
What makes us stand ahead from our competitors is our belief to bring out programs that are embedded with excellent content to spread the message of non- violence towards all living beings. We aim to telecast all our important programs and soap operas all over via the Internet through streaming media. In addition, we also aim to spread awareness regarding the Jain ‘Tirtha’ or the Pilgrimages that are a perfect example of dedication and hard work done in the past. In anyways, we believe these awareness programs would bring a revolution in the mindsets of our younger generations.
We have added one more feather in our cap by covering 70% of the distribution market by tie up with all major MSOs in the region. We have presence in all D2H platforms and hence, we promise to reach every nook and corner of the nation.